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Two Satellite Tuners
Integrated Digital Video Recorder
Name-Based Recording
Up to 100 hours of 100% digital recording
Record, pause, and play back live TV
Record two shows simultaneously
Provides multi-room viewing options
Dolby Digital outputs

DVR Receiver (Dual-Tuner)
(MSRP $399)

1 TV      
DVR Receiver FREE  
2 TV      
DVR Receiver FREE  
3 TV      
DVR Receiver / Standard Receiver FREE  
4 TV      
DVR Receiver / Standard Receiver FREE  
4 TV      
DVR Receiver / DVR Receiver 99.99  
3 TV      
DVR Receiver / DVR Receiver 99.99  
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DVR Receiver (Dual-Tuner) DISH Video-On-Demand Service
Record up to 350 hours without videotape*
Automatically record your favorite shows
Name-Based Recording
Skip recorded commercials
Pause, Replay and Reschedule programs
250 gigabyte hard drive
Parental lock-out features

DISH Video-On-Demand Service
America’s Everything Pak ................................. No Charge
America’s Top 250 / DISH Latino Max ................... $5.98/mo.
America’s Top 200 / DISH Latino Dos ................... $5.98/mo.
America’s Top 100 / DISH Latino .......................... $5.98/mo.


  • Name-Based Recording
    • Pick any show and the DVR will find all new episodes and record them regardless of any changes in program length or broadcast schedule!
  • 120 gigabyte hard drive, DVR
    • Up to 100 hours of 100% Digital Video Recording (DVR)
  • Two Satellite Tuners
    • Record two live programs at the same time
    • Record a live program while watching another live program
    • Record two live programs while watching another pre-recorded program
    • Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
  • Interactivity, live TV pause
    • Ability to pause live TV (up to 2 hours on each tuner)
    • Play, stop, fast forward (4 speeds)
    • Fast reverse (4 speeds)
    • Skip forward (30 seconds)
    • Skip back (10 seconds)
    • Set manual/auto record event timers and quick record
    • Recorded events management features to play, delete or protect a recorded event


  • Extended EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
    • 9 days of programming stored onto the hard drive for quick and easy access to program listing information
  • Enhanced Automatic and Manual Event Timers
    • Programs the satellite receiver to record directly to the hard drive or automatically tune to a program at a designated time for viewing
  • Dolby Digital
    • Toslink optical digital output for Dolby Digital and Linear PCM digital audio
  • Custom program controls
    • Parental control locks
    • Program information
    • Themes lists
    • Favorites lists
    • Browse
    • One-touch channel return
    • Picture-in-guide view
    • OnDemand Weather
    • Closed caption support
    • Alternate audio support
  • Caller ID capable
  • On-Screen DISH CD song titling
  • Software upgradeable via satellite


  • 2 Platinum Plus Remotes
    • (1st) IR: 4-component universal, operate (via IR) up to three additional components, such as TVs and VCRs
    • (2nd) UHF Pro/IR: controls satellite receiver up to 200 feet through walls and other obstructions
  • DVR buttons
    • Skip ahead, skip back, stop, play, pause, fast foward, fast reverse, record
  • "DVR" button
    • provides one-touch access to the Recorded Events Menu
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functions to display, move or swap the PIP image (via future upgrade)
  • "TV Power" button


  • Buttons
    • Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right and SELECT for menu/EPG navigation
    • "POWER"
    • "INFO" gives you instant access to program information
    • "MENU" displays the Main Nenu to access key receiver functions
    • "SYS INFO" displays receiver information including: receiver and smart card numbers, software version and remote address
  • Indicator Lights
    • "POWER" green LED light indicates receiver is on
    • "RECORDING" light indicates digital recording has been initiated
    • "MESSAGE" light indicates software download is in progress
    • "ONLINE" light is for future use
  • IR Blast/Receive
    • To control the start of a VCR program recording
  • Smart Card receptacle and door


  • Two Satellite Tuner Inputs
  • TV Antenna/Cable Input (F-connectors)
  • Agile Modulated Output: Sends the second tuner's signal to multiple televisions using existing in-home TV cabling. Allows independent satellite TV viewing on two TVs at the same time.
  • 2 sets RCA-Type Audio/Video Outputs
  • 1 S-Video Output
  • Optical Digital Output for Dolby Digital and PCM Digital Audio
  • UHF Remote Antenna Input
  • Phone Jack
  • USB Port - for future use


  • Size: W: 16" D: 13-1/4 H: 3-1/2
  • Color: Black with silver buttons
  • Weight 11 lbs.


  • Outdoor unit
  • Compact, unobtrusive 20" dish antenna
  • DISH 500 - DishPro LNBF design for a multi-TV, multi-satellite household
  • Advanced low noise block converter with integrated feed (LNBF) for reliable, high-quality digital signals

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