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There are many features of the DISH Network VOD DVR to help you enhance your viewing:

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DISH Network Video on Demand

DISH Network is one of the leading Satellite TV Providers in the United States that continuously brings new features for its valued customers. DISH Network Video on Demand (VOD) is certainly one of those exciting stuffs for the viewers. With Video on Demand from DISH Network, you now can watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime you want. DISH TV programming provides you innumerable movie titles and TV shows in its exclusive satellite TV packages.

Now enjoy digital satellite channels on DISH Network VOD, where you can enjoy watching videos with stunning 1080p resolution. The pictures on your screen come alive with excellent picture clarity of satellite TV programming. You can also watch the latest release in a magnificent resolution that is as good as a Blu-ray disc. All you need to do for this is to select your favorite movie from a list of long titles. Once you order your pick with DISH Network Video-On-Demand service, you will be able to watch these movies n-number of times within a time span of 24 hours. So, order now and enjoy HD movies on Demand on DISH Network.

Presently, DISH Network Video-On-Demand service can be availed on a quite a few DISH receivers. Some of these include ViP922, 522, 622, 625, 512 (SD/DVR), and 722 DVR receiver models.


  • PAUSE Live TV-That's right you can Pause LIVE television. For example you are watching TV and the phone rings, simply push the Pause button on the remote, answer the phone and enjoy the conversation, and when you come back as soon as you push play your program will pick up exactly where you left off and you can skip commercials until you catch up to live TV or if you forget to pause it you can rewind!
  • REWIND Live TV- You know all of the times that you say to your spouse during a program “What did they just say?” With a DISH Network DVR you can rewind your television so that you will never miss anything again.
  • RECORD TV- While you watch a different program live. With DISH Network DVR you can look 9 days in advance into your programming options. This makes it easy and convenient to choose what you would like to record. You can even record two things at once!

What are Movies On Demand?
Video On Demand (VOD) are movies or programs you can view at your convenience. Select a movie from the Featured Movies or Now Showing listings, follow the easy ordering instructions and you can begin viewing the movie on demand immediately. If you need to stop the movie for any reason, select the Resume button to continue viewing, or the Start Over button to return to the beginning of the movie.

What is Video On Demand VOD?
VOD Video On Demand will supercharge your DVR, giving you the power to enjoy movies and other programs whenever you want. This new feature will also change the way you interact with your DVR.


* HBO HDTV is available to HBO subscribers and Showtime HDTV is available to Showtime subscribers who have a HDTV compatible TV and DISH Vip722 HD satellite receiver. For more information click here.

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