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As certified SBCA DNS tech's with a combined 27 years of satellite knowledge and experience we know the most important part of your experience with dishnetwork.wsis the care that is taken from the start, Making sure you know what programming and equipment your getting and paying for, we listen carefully to your ideas and suggestions, When installing all NEC codes will be met. We can guarantee that when dealing with us nothing will be missed. We greatly value your business.

We're not Dishnetwork LLC otherwise known as Dishnetwork.com. In fact, We're dishnetwork.ws! We are a group of certified Satellite Technicians that started our own Satellite service and Dish Network Authorized sales center just ove reight years ago.

We are SBCA Certified Technicians that have from 5 to 12 years experience. We thought it would help our customers to be able to speak to someone with the training and knowledge of equipment and programming packages. As well as the ability to provide phone or on line technical assistants.

We are a DISH Network retailer
We are a direct retailer of DISH Network. Although We have met all of the rigorous requirements to sell DISH Network service and have for over 8 years Dish Network LLC changed there business model just under two years ago that excludes us from becoming a authorized DISH Network retailer so what does that mean for you? Nothing, everything is the same all your promotions and prices are still the same and you still get free perks for signing up with us. The only thing this means is that we own this URL and Dish Network does not.

We have been a DISH Network retailer since day one
DISH Network launched their service in March of 1996 and we’ve been a retailer of theirs since day one.

We are the longest running successful online retailer whether DISH Network or DIRECTV
There is not a single DISH Network or DIRECTV retailer that has been selling online for as long as we have while still being as successful at doing it online. Sure there may be other online retailers that are successful, but they haven’t been doing it as long as we have. We began as a brick and mortar store back in 1995 selling and installing PRIMESTAR/Starband and then DIRECTV and then DISH Network. After discovering the power of the internet in 1997 we quickly adopted it and became one of the premier online satellite retailers in the country. We have seen many online retailers for satellite systems come and go since 1998, and yet we’re still here, 100% debt free and still independently owned and operated.

We are a top DISH Network retailer
DISH Network provides an annual competition where retailers try to sell enough satellite systems to make them one of the top 75 retailers in the country based on volume. Out of thousands of retailers, we have always ended up as one of DISH Network’s top retailers in the country without exception since the DISH Network started these competitions in 1997. We know of no other retailer online that can make this claim and there are only a few brick and mortar retailers for DISH Network that can also make this claim. This puts us in the top 1% of all DISH Network retailers. Furthermore, we don’t just make the list as a top 75 retailers in the country for DISH Network, we’re actually one of their top 5 retailers.














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High Speed Hughesnet internet service

HughesNet ™ es un muy seguro, muy rápido, de dos vías de alta velocidad de conexión a Internet vía satélite. De dos vías significa que este sistema puede enviar y recibir datos de internet desde la web a través de satélites de HughesNet. También significa que el equipo no se atan a su línea telefónica, cuando en el Internet. No hay que esperar más, las líneas telefónicas lentas, costosas líneas RDSI, o las compañías de cable. Siempre activo y disponible en cualquier lugar en los EE.UU. - lo que antes tomaba una eternidad para descargar ahora se toma un momento - incluyendo páginas web, música MP3, correo electrónico, archivos adjuntos, y medios de transmisión

Download our Toolbar and stay upto date on Technical issues as well as channels guides and more. To Download and install Click on the counter
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We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry, matching individual customers to the Dish TV packages that best suit their needs. This extra effort differentiates our team from the competition. There are plenty of companies who will sell you Dish Network packages, but we will work harder than anyone else to ensure your satisfaction. Give us a call today to let us help you find the Dish Network package that is best for you.