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free mp4 player


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2GB Storage Upgradable to 6GB: 16 hours of video (Conversion Software 10:1 Compression of video files included)
# Built in JPEG Viewer
# Built in E-text reader
# Built in Video Playback!!!
# Built in Mp4 player with 2mpix video camara
# Built in Speaker
# Built in FM RADIO
# Built in Microphone and Voice Recorder
# Can Record Directly from Radio
# Built in Rechargeable Long Life Lithium Ion Battery Max Life 15 hours
#2.4 Inch Bright High resolution 65,000 True Color Display
# Multi Language Support ( ENGLISH, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Swedish, Czech, Chinese Japanese, Korean, Polish, Croatian, Hebrew, Slovian, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish)















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