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Two Great Business Plans

Backed by a solid track record as the ISP of choice for business and government, HughesNet® offers you a choice of plans for your new satellite broadband service.

HughesNet Small Office is designed for growing businesses with scalable needs. Watch your productivity take off with download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps.

HughesNet Business Internet delivers the fastest Internet access speeds and the most comprehensive service plan to small and medium sized businesses.

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Key Features Express 300 Business 500
Max. Download Speed 3.0 Mbps(a) 5.0 Mbps(a)
Max. Upload Speed 512 Kbps(a) 1000 Kbps(a)
IP Address Dynamic(c) Static
Email Accounts(d) 5 10
Spam and Anti-Virus Protection Included Included
24/7 Live Technical Support Included Included
Term Commitment (months) 24 24
Add-on options:

- 5 Static IP Addresses
- Express Repair - 2nd Bus. Day
- Express Repair - Next Bus. Day


  • Best for 10+ users
  • 24x7 premier US-based technical support

Service Scaled to Your Budget

Simply choose the HughesNet® service plan that best meets your business needs. Both service plans include a standard commercial installation of your satellite dish and modem through a certified professional installer.

Upfront Purchase Express 300 Business
Monthly Price $199.99 $349.99
Equipment & Installation $199.98 $199.98
Term Commitment 24 months 24 months
Hardware Warranty 24 months 24 months

Plan pricing includes installation & equipment. Pricing does not include service options, such as extra static IP address, dial-up access accounts, and on-site maintenance contracts.

Order now and experience all the Internet has to offer with HughesNet.

(a) Stated speeds are not guaranteed. Actual upload speed will likely be lower than speed indicated during peak hours. Click here for more info on typical speeds. Download speeds may also be temporarily slowed in cases when patterns of system usage exceed the download threshold for an extended period of time. See the HughesNet Fair Access Policy for more information. If you choose to run VPN over satellite, your data speeds may be reduced by as much as 50-75%. Despite the high speeds, time-sensitive applications, such as multi-player “twitch” games, are also not recommended over HughesNet. See the HughesNet Subscriber Agreement.

(b) Enables dynamic assignment of private IPs to devices, keeping them private from users outside of the network.

(e) "Express Repair - Home" includes next business day or second business day coverage, 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday. There is a $29.95 fee per onsite repair incident in addition to monthly fee. 30-day vesting period if not ordered at time of initial purchase.

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Check for local channels

IPTV Pro Plus - No Contract No setup fee No cancelation fee

One Time payment of $49.99

Get More News and Entertainment plus enjoy Movies, Sports Health News Documentaries and More Free with any Dish Network Package. IPTV is here and its free, Simply signup for any Dish Network Package and enjoy TV Everywhere you go.

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High Speed Hughesnet internet service

HughesNetâ„¢ is a very secure, very fast, two-way High-Speed Satellite Internet Connection. Two-way means this system will send and receive internet data from the web via HughesNet's satellites. It also means your computer will NOT tie up your phone line when on the internet. No more waiting, slow phone lines, expensive ISDN lines, or cable companies. Always on and available anywhere in the US - what used to take an eternity to download will now take just moments - including web pages, MP3 music, email, attachments, and streaming media

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