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Available Digital Video Recorder's for complete Ownership no monthly fee or contract and will work with any cable or internet video service. See our IPTV options PC to TV hardware devices. Watch what's on your PC on your TV Wireless or not we have the New hardware in stock for your TV viewing needs.

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IPTV Pro Plus is your Professional choice for anywhere and everywhere TV, Live Sports Games, Live News, Movies and much more..  Great for camping, RV's, Boats and on the go Professionals at the office that don't want to miss that program. As long as you have a internet connection you have TV, 3D movies, Sports, Breaking News, never worry about blackouts if it plays iptv will find it and play sports games, Also Equipped with a Global Humanitarian Alert system you will always be up to date on Storms, earth quakes, Fires, Floods Live Radiation levels in your area and much more. Iptv is a one time cost not a monthly fee. more....
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High Speed Hughesnet internet service

HughesNet™ is a very secure, very fast, two-way High-Speed Satellite Internet Connection. Two-way means this system will send and receive internet data from the web via HughesNet's satellites. It also means your computer will NOT tie up your phone line when on the internet. No more waiting, slow phone lines, expensive ISDN lines, or cable companies. Always on and available anywhere in the US - what used to take an eternity to download will now take just moments - including web pages, MP3 music, email, attachments, and streaming media